Vertical Tripod Turnstile

What is Swing Turnstile(Swing Barrier)?

Swing Turnstile is generally called flapping door in the rail transit industry. Its blocking body (swing swing) is in the form of a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, and can be blocked and released by rotating and swinging. The materials of the blocking body are commonly used stainless steel, plexiglass, and […]


Whats is Speed Gate Turnstile?

Speed ​​Gate, also known as Slim Turnstile, Sliding Turnstile, draws on the movement mode of automatic gate translation and the dissuasion feature of Flap Barrier, hence the name Speed ​​Gate Turnstile. Manual Speed Gate Turnstile has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, if there is no passage within the specified time, the […]